Oilchange motor and gearbox

Oilchange Motor:

Remove the screw plug (Figure 1) on the oil tank and drain the warm oil.

Figure 1


Remove the Banjo bolt with sieve (Figure 2 - a -) on the right side of motor housing.  Clean the sieve and replace sealing ring.
When inserting the screw, make sure that the sealing ring is properly seated, otherwise air will be sucked in and a return delivery of the pump into the oil tank is not made.

Figure 2

Remove the Banjo bolt with filter sieve from the oil tank (Figure 3) and clean the sieve. The cleaning of the sieve must be performed at least every second oil change.
Fill the oil tank with 2 liter brand oil.

Figure 3


Attach to the return pipe in in the filler neck a drain hose (Figure 4) with the end to the outside, run the engine to until fresh oil is drained. This will enshure that the remaining oil in the engine and the oil pipes is removed.


Figure 4





Oilchange gearbox:


Unscrew oil control rod.

Remove the oil drain screw (Figure 5) and locking screwr (Figure 2 - - b) to drain the oil. When the used oil is removed, replace the screws.

Figure 5


Fill 1 1/4 liter brand oil into the gearbox.

 Figure 6


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