Pricecompare today / 1952

Year Monthly income (gross) Comparison of costs (net) Workload
1952 321,-DM 2285,- DM list price Regina 7,11 Months
2014 2905,- Êuro 20.655 Euro theoretical price 2014 7,11 Months
2014   22.900 Euro  list Price Horex VR6 Roadster  


A Horex Regina cost in 1952 according to the list 2285,- DM. A worker earned at that time 321,- DM gross per month. So he had to spend 7.11 months working for the Regina. 2014 is the gross monthly income around 2905, - Euro. Multiplying this with the workload of 7.11 months a Regina would cost 20.655,- euros. There is the price of the current Horex VR6 Roadster 22.900,- euro not so far away. Even if the comparison is purely theoretical expected gross income, you can see to drive a Horex then and now is rather a exklusieve affair.

By the way, a skilled worker with one year of service earned in 1951 at Horex DM 1.20 per hour. A working time of 60 hours a week was not uncommon at that time at Horex.


Compare to other german brands:

Modell Hubraum PS Preis DM
Regina 1 350ccm 15 / 18 2285,-
BMW R25/2 250ccm 12 1990,-
Zündapp KS601 600ccm 28 3125,-
DKW RT200 200ccm 8,5 1285,- (1951)
DKW RT200/2 200ccm 11 1525,- (1954)
NSU Konsul 351 OT 350ccm 18 1525,-
NSU Fox 98ccm 5,8 985,-
NSU MAX 250ccm 15 1990,-

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