Cable harness

Cable layout.

At first i located the single cables on the frame.
Before cutting the cables, take care that you leave enought spare, to ensure that you have enough cable for connection, or if you have to correct the position of the cable again.
When all cables were in position, i combined them on some positions with a tape.
On all positions where leads brunches off, i fixed them also with tape.
Now i removed the cables from the frame.


Cable harness without isolation.

On the removed cable harness you can see the brunches with the tapes.

Additionally to the original wires, a ground-cable from the headlamp to the frame should be added.
This protects the speedometer from damaging, in case the earth connection from the headlamp to the frame got lost.
In this case, the current flows over the speedocable to the frame and damages the speedometer.
Thanks Udo for the hint.
Meanwhile o got the hint to connect the housing of the speedometer also to ground, because of the light in the speedometer.


Cable harness with isolation.

The next step is to get the protective tubes onto the harness.
After this, i isolated the brunches with a special isolation tape.


Harness in rear fender.

Originally there are some metal laces on the inside of the rear fender, to fix the harness.
Without this laces it will be hard to install the harness.


End of leads.

Before i connected the leads, i coated them with tin.



pdf-29 Schaltplan / Electrical drawing HOT
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