My Regina

By sheer good fortune i heard, that a HOREX Regina was for sale. This pictures shows the Regina 350, directly after i bought it in August 2007. At the time, as the HOREX Regina was offered to me, i knew the bike only from pictures. The purchase price was OK, as i thought at this time, but the HOREX was not complete. Which parts are missing, or not original from this bike, i could not know at this time.



The original chain-case, toolbox, and the fenders i bought already.
The restoration i started, after i got the most of the original parts.


All together plenty of work to do, to get the "Queen" back on the road.


State June 2009

After i began to disassemble the Regina in November 2008, i can start to mount it now.


Motor und Oiltank

The most easy way to mount the motor into the frame is, when the frame is empty.
Its also a good idea to mount it without the cylinder like i have done,
because my cylinder is at the engine builder at the moment, to prepare it for a new piston .



After nearly 3 jears it's time to go on with the Regina. Here you can see the progress.



And here the rearview.


Almost finishe









Autumn 2013, my Regina gets her original fenders prepaired.


Spring 2014 with the new fenders and painted wheels.
By the way, the price for this model was on 1952 at the Horex dealer 2285,00 DM.



28. June 2014 - First 1000 Km are done.


Winter 2014 - We had a lot of snow and it was a must to take a picture of the Regina in the winter wonder land.





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