Engine timer adjustment

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Find the top dead position of the piston.

To find the exact top dead position of the piston we remove the spark first and turn the crank shaft until we cant see the piston through the hole. After this we can mount the top dead finder. Then we carefully turn the crank shaft until it gets blocked by the top dead finder. The goal is to block the piston in both directions of the crank shaft at the same position. Now we fit the engine timer and the needle. The engine timer should show around 20 degree at the blocked position (given by the lenght of the screw of the top dead finder).
By turng the crank shaft into the other direction until it gets blocked the engine timer should show also 20 degree. If not you have to turn the engine timer until it shows the same value on both directions. The center (zero degree) is now the adjusted to the top dead position. Now we can remove the top dead finder.
We turn now the crank shaft to zero position on the engine timer (see picture).