Movie clearance bush in duplexsprocket.

video-23 Felge / Rim HOT
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In the movie the high clearance of the bush is visible.


"Worn out" surface in sprocket.

If you look at the center or the surface, you can see a raising.
This is a sign that the surface is worn out.


Bush of sprocket.

Also on the bush a wearing ist visible.


Sprocket repairing.

To repair the sprocket, i need a new bush with oversize and a expanding reamer.
The bushes are available with different diameters. Take care when ordering. The bush for the simplexsprocket is shorter.

0,05mm clearance is OK.


Damping rubbers for sprocket.

The old pumpers were rigid, so i replaced them.


Damping rubber direction.

The rubbers are inserted, that the halfmoon shows into the opposite direction then the turning direction of the sprocket..


Clutch housing.

At next i fixed the clutch housing on the sprocket.


Fixing clutch housing.

On the back side os the sprocket, the housing is secured by asymmetric discs.


Securing screw nuts.

I used the old screws, nuts and washers.
The nuts i have secured with loctite.

If you use new screws or nuts, take care about the lenght.
There is only a minimum space between the nuts and the kickstartersegment.



Before assembling the clutch, the kickstarter must be fitted.

There was a note in a service information (KDM-W22), that before assembling of the spring, the bracket for the spring on the motor housing has to be checked.


Retaining spring for kickstarter.
Occasionally the bracket for the retaining spring causes complaints.
To avoid the drift of the spring an the bracket, it is advisable to check the bracket and do rectification work according the attached installation instructions.


Service information KDM-W22.

On my Horex i have to modify the bracket.
I have done this by using a Dremel.


Spring fully tensioned.

The spring has to be pretensioned in this way, that when the kickstarter is fully kicked, there is some space left in the spring.


Clutch center wheel.

To test the clearence of the new bush, i mounted the center wheel and thighted the nut.
Now the clearence is OK. There should be only axial clearence, and the clutch housing turns easily.


Alignment of sprockets.

Before finally mounting the primary chain and clutch, we have to check the alignment of the sprockets.


Clutch discs.

Now we can insert the steel clutch plates (the thicker one first to the back side) and the friction discs.


Adjustment of the clutch springs.

There are different ways to adjust the springs.
I have used the three-turns procedure.
On this procedure alls adjustment screws will be tightened completely and then 3 turns opened.

It is possible, that the tension of the springs is not equal. To check this i have done following:

I pulled the clutch lever compleatly and secured it in this position.

With a feeler gauge i controlled and adjusted the space between outer clutch plate and clutch pressure plate equally.


Spring retainer.

After the adjustment you can see, that the space between outer spring retainer and nut is different.


And here's a little tip:

should the clutch after a long time don't want to be separated, then fix it using the following method:

1 Remove spark plug.

2 Place the motorcycle with front wheel against a wall.

3 Insert second gear.

4 Pull the clutch.

5 Turn the motor (without ignition) with the Kickstarter until the clutch disconnects.

This is of course without guarantee, but for me it worked. Thanks to Volker for the tip.


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