Zylinder from top

The piston looks not so good from above.
Long before removal of the head, i sprayed some rust remover into the hole of the spark.


The piston

the rust remover has made a good job. It was easy to clean the piston with a rag.
In the area of the intake valve i found a view grooves.
But i think there are from mounting the piston, or adjusting the timing of the valves.
The intake valve is OK anyway.


The zylinder.

The right zylinder is from my Regina and it´s made of steel.
To compare with, i put a aluminium-zylinder on the left.

The alu-zylinder is a later accessorie, not original made by HOREX.


Zylinder prepaired for sand blasting.

Some parts of the zylinder were rusty. So i decided to give him for sand blasting.
I closed both sides of the cylinder for protection.


Zylinder honing.

To mount a new piston with oversize, it was necessary to grind an hone it.
This was made by a specialist for engines.


New piston.

On the new piston was no mark, in which direction it has to be mountet (front/rear).
I compared it with tho old piston. The holes for the bolts of the pistons are not in the center of the pistons.
I marked the new piston in the same way as the old one and mounted it on the rod.


Piston installation.

To get the piston into the cylinder, i used a tightening strap to tighten the piston rings.

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