Rear-wheel brake from outside.

Brake anchor plate shortly after disassembling.


Rear-wheel brake from inside.

Although the brake pads are still thick enough, the retarding effort was equal zero.


Rear-wheel brake support-bolts.



Rear-wheel brake spread-bolt.


Spread-bolts dismounted.

Here the two spread-bolts. The one on the top is from the front wheel, the lower one from the rear wheel.
On the spread-bolt from the rear wheel is a high wearing visible, in the area where it presses the brake shoes.
Additionally it has to much clearance in the hohle of the anchor plate.


Prepaired brake shoes.

I prepaired the brake shoes to send them to a german specialist to fit new brake pads.


Brake shoes with new brake pads.

After a few days i got them back.


Mounted brake shoes.

Front brake ready for fitting.


Drive screw for speedometer cable.

It was mounted in this order.


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