Aluminium rims.

My original aluminium rims were damaged, so i can't use them any more.
That's why i have to buy new rims and spokes, but aluminium rims were not available at this time. So i decided to buy chrome rims.

video-23 Felge / Rim HOT
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Frontwheel from the left.

Before i removed the old spokes i made a view pictures of the old one. This will help me later to put the new spokes in the right direction.



Frontwheel from the left in detial.


Frontwheel from the right.



Frontwheel from the right in detail.




There are spokes with different angels for inside outside. Also the diameter of the spokes on the rearwheel can be different then the spokes of the frontwheel.


Ready rim.

Here is the rim with the spokes mounted only "hand-tight".
The centering will be done by a specialist.


Finished wheels.

Now i got the wheels back, ready for fixing it on the Regina.


Rims paint.

After I have been advised that the original chrome wheels had painted a red stripe in the middle, I have now decided those yet to paint.
For that I have used the new rim, which are actually meant for my second project. First, they had to be marked for taping. For this I have built a support with two rollers and a guide, where the wheels can turn easily.
Over the width of the red stripe, opinions differ. On the old factory drawings and brochures, the strips of the early Regina's are a little wider than the late. I have decided to paint the strips 40 mm wide. Finally, they are still surrounded by a white line marking 4 mm wide.



Primer and paint After the taping and clean, I have applied a special primer so that the red color also keeps. The color selection I did on the tips familiar in the Horex forum and the website of the Horex Club Switzerland using NISSAN 1986 - 1996 SUPER RED 526. This red is very close to the original and will then also be used on my gasoline tank.
After I removed the tape it looks like this (the Color is in the photo unfortunately not quite as in reality):



The white stripes I have attached after the lacing and centering I have used a special tool from the American company Beugler. But here too, practice makes perfect, because I had to remove the white color several times, until the result is satisfactory. The finished wheels you can see here:


White stripe

for the stripe I used White Lettering Enamel from 1-Shot, a spezial color for pinstiping.

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