Steering lock

New steering lock.

Unfortunately the Key for the steering lock and the complete toolbox were missing, when i bought my Regina. I decited to buy a new set of locks. Therefore i have to remove the old steering lock.

To remove the lock i have done following:
At first i put a punch mark at the center of the groove pin. Then i removed the head of the pin with a drillbit. Thereby i looked, that i only drill into the head of the pin. The rest of the pin i removed with a smal side cutter, after i took off the cover plate.

At next i drilled out the lock. This was the rough way to do it. I only done this, because i have to buy the lock for the toolbox also. The advantage is, that you will get a set of locks which can be opened with the same key. The other way is, to go to a lock-and-key-service. The can open the lock non-violent.



Insertion steering lock.

The new steering lock will be inserted with the key.
Now its possible to test the function of th lock.


Cover plate.

I cleaned the old cover plate and fixed it with a new groove pin (dont forget the curved spring washer).

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