Tin coating.

Parts witch were dented i prepaired with a tin-coat. This gives me the chance to use less filler as possibele.


Removed paint.

On many parts of my Regina was a unknown varnish. I have removed this varnish completely because i was not sure, that the new varnish is compatible to the unknown.
The risk of incompatibility of the old and new varnish was to high for me.



After tin-coat i used "Sikkens Autosurfacer" applyed with a spraygun.



After drying i wet-sanded the parts.


Paint booth.

Before i start the paintwork, i build a paint booth from tarpaulin.
I use a tarpaulin with 4x12 meters. I hung it up, that the top and all sides are closed.
So only a minimum of dust can get into the booth.
Also it prevents from the nice insects, which always want to examine the quality of the varnish. :-)



For the varnish i decided to use the color RAL 9005 (black), because it`s a standard color.
If i want to get a powder coating on some parts, it´s easy to get the same color.



For the parts (without the frame) i needed a half liter varnish. Another advantage of the standard color is,
that it is also available in industrial-quality witch is cheaper then special varnish for cars.
For a "homemade varnishing" im happy with the result.





I never thought, that there are so many parts to coat.

Some smaller parts, which are missing now, i will coat later with a aerosol can.


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