Books and informations wich was helpful for the restauration of my Horex Regina.
The following order is casual and should not represent the quality of the literature.


Motorrad Restaurierung.

Autor: Jürgen Nöll.
ISBN: 3-89880-357-0
Language: german

Practical examples and procedures for the restauration of classical motorbikes.
The autor shows the restauration of an NSU OSL, from the buying until the test-run.
The last part of the book shows the handling of an turning lathe.


Der Kupferwurm - Besser machen.

Autor: Carl Hertweck.
ISBN: 3-613-02548-5
Language: german

Two classical books in one.

1. book - Der Kupferwurm

Electrical engineering, ignition and light engineering in vehicles.
Basic knowledge, measuring, batteries, voltage regulator, electric generator, light engineering, ignition, spark plugs.


2. book - Besser machen

Working on motorbikes.
Tools, valves, crankshafts, piston, wheels, breakes, clutches.

Nothing else to say, two standard books for friends os classic motor-cycles.



Autor: Klaus-Jörg Habermann.
ISBN: 978-3-00-020530-9
Language: german

This is not a book, this is a CD-ROM for the PC.

Chapter 1: "The story of the bride of the wind", operating- and workshopmanuals for all HOREX motorcycles (till 1956).

Chapter 2: The "Regina-Story". Prehistory and history of development, how the models looks like and everything about the technic, how to disassemble a Regina, sport with a Regina and much more...

Chapter 3: "From GNOM to IMPERATOR" Industrial history, how does it came to the "Oberurseler Motorenfabrik" and "HOREX"

Chapter 4: The evolution of the combustion engine from J. Watt to N. A. Otto and more...

Lot of information about HOREX and Regina. Many technical details, where you cant read (from my experience) in a other HOREX book. I would say: "From a HOREX rider, for HOREX riders"
See HorexHome linkpage



Autor: Constantin Klinger.
ISBN: no
Language: german

The HOREX Bote was a journal for HOREX clubs.
It was published quarterly from 1989 to 1997(?).
In the HOREX Bote you will find all Information about technic and history on all HOREX motorcycles.
Aditionaly there are tricks, hints, optimizations, customisations, engineering drawings, dimensions etc.....

See HorexHome linkpage


HOREX Forum.

Autor: HOREX-community.
Medium: Internet
Language: german (normally)

The HOREX Forum is a geat source of information about HOREX in the internet.
The advantage against a book is, that you can ask your questions. But bevore you ask, you should try the search function of the forum.
A lot of problems could be solved previously.
See HorexHome linkpage


HOREX service notes.

Autor: HOREX Columbus factory.
ISBN: no
Language: german

Notes from the HOREX factory to the dealer's garages.
Organisational, technical and marketing notes. Contains also improvents and changes on the motorcycles.
Subject: HOREX Regina, HOREX Resident and HOREX Imperator.

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