Flange chainwheel

The flange I have disassembled and cleaned and now it's time to assemble.


First, the new bearings (2 x deep groove ball bearings type 6005) are used. Bearings open on both sides were original installed.

I have decided to use closed bearing. These are dust-proof and maintenance free.
Between the bearings is a spacer. Before inserting the bearing the flange is heated with a Bunsen burner.
In the heated flange bearings can be inserted easily.



For securing the bearing, a spring ring is inserted into the inner groove of the flange.


After the dust cap is installed with the felt ring. The hollow shaft is then inserted through the dust cap and bearings.
The hollow shaft will be also secured with a spring ring on the other side.
This ring is seated in the outer groove of the hollow shaft.


To secure that the ring can not jump out of the groove, a sleeve is slid over the locking ring.

To disassemble the hollow shaft - the sleeve and then the locking ring must first be removed before an attempt to press the hollow shaft of the flange.


Now comes the second Felt for dust protection to finish the installation of the new bearings.


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