Oil circuit

The engine is equipped with an automatic dry-sump lubrication system. The oil is supplied from the tank, which is arranged between the rear frame tube and rear fender. The oli is passing the visible screw on the right side of the tank to the pump accommodated in the control housing. From here it is forced through the hollow-bored crank shaft to the rod bearings. The oil sprayed off form there to the crankshaft bearings, the piston bottom, the piston pin and then it flows onto the bottom of the crankcase. From there the oil is transported by the pump back into the oil tank.

Camshaft, rocker arms and valve guides are lubricated by oil mist, rised in the cap tube.

The oil level in the oil tank must never be below than half of the tank!






If he engine has been rebuilt or new oilpipes or a new oil pump was installed, 1/4 liter of engine oil must be filled by the capsule tube into the control housing. From there it goes into the crankcase from which it is sucked by the oil pump and returned back into the tank. Thus the air is removed rapidly from the pump, the pump does not run dry and can better suck. The rear output of the pump is much higher than the conveying capacity of the pump thus helping to bring the excess oil from the crankcase back into the tank.

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